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The year is 1981… If you were up early APRIL FOOL’S DAY you would have seen some minor world history in the making.

George Holmes, new owner of N.F. Fogg and Sons removes the sign from the previous owners and charts a new course toward the future.

The first item of business was to sell off all the non-jewelery items, including sheet music, clarinet reeds, harmonicas, drumsticks and even a few juice harps.

The first 2 years we kept up with the LP’s, 45’s, and cassettes from the music part of our “general store.” Nikon camera’s and accessories was a main stay of the business as well photo processing, film, chemicals and photo paper.

The xmas prior to purchasing the store, I received a 35mm cammera as a gift and now, I own a store long known for photography. Wow was I in over my head? I was certainly out of my element.

The customer then as now were wonderful, they explained their needs and I vowed to have my inventory support them as they informed me about the photo part of the business.

there was (1) tray of plain gold wedding bands, a few small diamonds and some seiko watches for jewelry. We have grown slowly but steadly as rockland has since 1981.

Haloween Night: 1993 A NEW LOCATION:
by george jewelers employees roll showcases ladened with jewelry up and across main street to our new location at 376 main st.

1995 June:
Rennovations to the front of the store adds a little touch of elegance.

April 1, 2006:
25th Anniversary

A Maine jeweler since 1969 ( a real jeweler) - in a sea of retailers - don’t expect average.


George Holmes, pres.

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