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George Holmes

Metal Fabrication & Design

I was born in Eastport, Maine, December 18, 1947. The second son of Phil and Gisela Holmes. My mother was the 1st German War Bride allowed to marry an Allied Solder After WWII.

After a period of meandering around and across America in the 60’s, I began a job with a retail jeweler - in Portland Maine. That job in 1970 - has come to be my career. For eight years I learned the nuts and bolts of a retailer. The sell and collect portion of the job.

It had no luster.

In 1978 I began a position in a smaller family jewelers in Waterville, Maine. The owners would allow me to do some gold work if I learned how I read how to do some basic ring sizing and repairs.

Something was still missing.

April 1, 1981 I purchased Musicland from Neil and Viola Fogg and I got a chance to follow a dream...Every time I complete a piece I thank God.

He has given me a special gift.

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